AmerAmp's products include ultra-linear high power single and multi-carrier amplifiers for use in the IMT-2000, PCS 1900, DCS-1800, 800-900Mhz Cellular, WLL and NMT450 bands using CDMA, GSM, AMPS, TDMA protocols. These products support analog and digital transmission standards and multiple modulation standards for a given application.

AmerAmp's products are sold to wireless telecommunications systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for deployment in IMT-2000, Cellular, WLL, PCS  and 3G networks worldwide. 


Pricing and Product information release policy.

AmerAmp specializes in designing and manufacturing medium to high volume CUSTOM MADE high power amplifiers for use by the IMT-2000, PCS, Cellular and WLL base station OEM manufacturers. The Company does not design nor does it manufacture products in quantities less than in the hundreds of units per product. Since the products are custom designed and the quantities are mid or high volume our policy is to release pricing and product information only on a case by case basis.

In order to get a quote the customer furnishes us with a set of specifications. AmerAmp then contacts the customer to discuss the specifications. After a preliminary study and customer qualification AmerAmp provides a quote and proposed specs for the requested product, as well as contractual and legal requirements, such as terms and non disclosure agreements when they apply. If you need more information regarding a specific application, please fill out the information request form located in the "contacts" section.

Here are samples of amplifiers developed for certain customers. Note that the specs and information about most of the amplifiers we design and manufacture are subject to non disclosure agreements between the OEMs and AmerAmp so that this information cannot be published.