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AmerAmp is located in a modern, attractive, 22,000 square foot facility in one the fastest growing Telecommunications centers in the world, Northern San Diego County. Three major universities providing highly skilled scientists, a near ideal environment for the fast changing needs of today's Wireless World, coupled with excellent logistics, gives us a unique opportunity to excel in our chosen field of endeavor.

Previous to their participation in AmerAmp, the founders had developed breakthrough ultra linear and ultra efficient solid-state amplification technology in the Kilowatts range for the more technologically demanding high power TV transmitter and Wireless Cable industries. Realizing the potential of this technology power transistor manufacturers approached the founders with the suggestion of using the same design methods and technology for the wireless industry market. After studying the market needs the founders realized that the advances in base station technology and the trend towards miniaturization called for a completely new approach to designs in RF/microwave power amplification. Novel approaches to design, stressing simplicity and elegance, resulted in previously unavailable levels of efficiency, highly improved linearity and smaller footprints.

In today's fast changing world, with its global requirements, it is no longer adequate to meet or satisfy customer demands. To be a leader we must delight the customer. AmerAmp has dedicated itself to doing just that. By listening to our customers' needs, including the smallest of details, providing

customized solutions, delivering on time, standing by and meeting our commitments, we are well on our way to becoming the supplier of choice. Infrastructure providers will continue to demand higher performance from RF Power Amplifiers, a key component in the deployment of a reliable wireless network. More than just "meeting specs", the infrastructure provider, our customer, wants all performance factors to improve significantly and at the same time lower operating costs, primarily in the form of reduced power consumption.

To achieve this, AmerAmp is constantly developing critical, key partnerships with world-class suppliers across the entire spectrum of our requirements. Extensive benchmarking and the thorough understanding of the industry leads AmerAmp to select the Best-in-Class wherever possible, and to make these relationships one of AmerAmp's competitive differentiators. This allows us to take advantage of the latest in component technology and advances in process development and thus achieve the highest levels in "Design for Manufacturability" and "Design for Testability". AmerAmp provides a level of flexibility to our worldwide customer base that is second to none.

By utilizing the latest, most advanced simulation and modeling design tools, and working in close cooperation with our world class partners, AmerAmp provides an improvement in achieving not just "Time to Market" but "Speed to Market" to our customers. This, coupled with the most meticulous attention to quality and reliability, provides our customers with the lowest Total Cost of Acquisition.